2020 by the numbers

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
  • 214,000 words written
  • 4 completed first drafts
  • 6 signed contracts
  • 2 new releases

When I write out what I’ve accomplished, I’m proud. 2020 has been a year for everyone, and I definitely haven’t been immune. The year started and ended with health concerns for several of my dearest family members (not related to the pandemic). With my immediate family home since March (yep, still on virtual school and no end in sight), I was more distracted than ever.

But I worked really hard and achieved my goals for the year.

I’m so happy about the books I released this year. Thanks to my wonderful editor at The Wild Rose Press, Leanne Morgena, I shared two stories that have touched my heart. When you read Love Overboard and Holidays, Inc., I hope you feel the same!

I don’t know what the new year will bring. I’ve stop planning so far in advance (except the one vacation rescheduled…again…). I’m focused on what I can do and stopped putting off work for another day. I doubt I’m cured of procrastination forever, but in the short-term I’m giving every day my all.

More books are coming in the New Hope series (and a fun collection of deleted scenes). I’ve signed on for a total of three books. I haven’t written a trilogy in a while. I’ve loved re-visiting some of my favorite characters in the quirky, fictional Wisconsin town and re-evaluating some of the key moments from another perspective. We are all the heroes of our own story. True even for the one novel’s antagonist.

I’m also delighted to share a brand-new series in a different genre launches in the Fall of 2021. Starting with Her Hometown Dream, my Christian romance series set in a small-town will be published with the fabulous Anaiah Press. If you haven’t read Christian romance in a while (or ever), I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The genre isn’t preachy. Instead, faith is wrapped around the core of each story (the unshakeable heart). Each book in my series follows a different hero and heroine in the special town of Harmony, Illinois and centers on forgiveness.

Thank you for following along with me. I so appreciate your support on my ever evolving writing path!

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