Life around here

Me (age 3) and my brother (age 5), this is very much how I still feel about snow

I haven’t done a check-in post for a while. I’m not sure how winter post-holidays is treating you where you live but in the Midwest it’s been cold and snowy! Trapped indoors again, the days are repetitive. My kids are back to school part-time and a few of their activities have resumed. I’m happy for them. Getting out of the house at all is positive. If I didn’t keep track of my writing and editing, I don’t think I’d appreciate that I am making progress. Forward motion feels very static when the snow bank is nearly three feet high.

My word for the year is patience, but my goals for 2021 are aggressive. I’m working hard to get as many books out as possible. In the publishing world, contracts are signed for a few years out so while I have a good idea I’ll release *3* novels this year, I’m trying to line up 2022 and 2023 (thus the patience). It’s a lot of hurry up and wait, but I’m continuing to learn and study in the slow times. I’ve finished *this* round of edits on a two-book suspense duet. I’m plotting and outlining three new stories including my first attempt at a cowboy book. I found a new twist on the fish out of water trope (because, let’s be honest, I’m not exactly a rancher) courtesy of the newspaper subscription my parents bought me for Christmas :). I’m excited to keep writing and discovering new stories.

As the snow falls, again, I’m focused on brighter days ahead. I hope you are, too! I have a few vacations lined up for the end of the year (and crossing my fingers we can safely travel). Until then, I’ll content myself with escaping into fictional worlds pandemic-free.

Happy reading!

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