A hint of what’s coming in Hope for the Holidays…

I usually create boards on pinterest for each project. Because this story really continued where Holidays, Inc. left off, however, I did not need the visual reminders and inspiration.

Picking up a couple weeks from the epilogue, Jill Howell is mayor of New Hope. She has only started to settle into her new role when drama enfolds and suddenly she and Rob are on opposite sides.

Writing in my fictional world was a lot like coming home. In the midst of the pandemic, editing the story in 2020 was a gift (and convinced me to add the third novel, currently in edits).

So what can you expect?

  • The diner: New Hope is nothing without Shirley and Ted at the Come Again Diner. Sitting opposite Rob’s Hardware Store, the diner is the entry to town. Shirley takes her unofficial role as a leader very seriously. The pair won’t take sides between Jill and Rob.
  • Familiar faces: of course Dani and Paul play important roles in the story as they navigate the start of their happily ever after. Nora and Andy are back with bigger presences. Kara Kensington is still on the periphery, preparing for her next venture.
  • The town: New Hope is changing as old businesses leave and new companies start up. What does gentrification really mean to a community?

Jill starts this book on a victory but has to go through a lot alone. Without Rob or her brother or Dani, can she stand on her own?

Rob has a lot to hide. His ready smile and easygoing personality conceal a man in turmoil. With added pressures, will he buckle?

I can’t wait to welcome you back to New Hope!

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