All about my romantic suspense serial, available on Radish. Final episode releases today!

Mistaken identity + fish out of water + revenge against an old foe

= a chance at redemption + love?

Radish is an app downloaded to your phone to read serialized stories.

A few years ago, I had an idea for two romantic suspense novels (following a pair of sisters entangled with a pair of former thieves). I started writing the books to push myself out of my comfort zone with a new sub-genre. Romantic suspense is fast-paced and high stakes. I had to end each scene with a lure to keep the reader turning the pages!

As I’ve continued to work on the projects, I learned about Radish offering serialized stories digitally. It’s a perfect fit for this project. I’m so excited to release the two stories exclusively on the site. Each scene is an “episode” and my readers can expect three episodes a week until the season finale in mid-May.

I can’t wait for you to follow Sarah Leech as she crosses paths with Nicholas Thatcher. One dance shouldn’t change a life. How about three?

Covering her flu-stricken sister’s shift, Sarah Leech works an after-hours jewelry exhibition at the Chicago Art Museum. When a handsome stranger asks her to dance, she agrees. Working around the clock to support her young son and pursue a dream, she figures one waltz gives her a fun story and potentially an important career contact.

Jewel-thief turned informant, Nicholas Thatcher is finishing surveillance before the heist that will secure his freedom. He spots a stranger wearing his late mother’s bracelet. Following her out of the museum, he spots two men stalking her. When the men stall a CTA train on the elevated tracks and start shooting, the night derails.

Keeping her alive long enough to learn her identity becomes his top priority. When they discover a startling connection, they must work together and discover redemption is available for anyone with an open heart.

Want to check out Her First Heist? Click here

From your phone, you’ll be directed to the App Store for your device to download the Radish app. To unlock the story, you purchase coins and use those to access the episodes.

I am really enjoying writing serial fiction. I have another project coming soon–AND–am excited that Amazon will be launching their own app in the coming months. I’ll have both projects available on the Kindle Vella app and hope this will be a great way for Kindle readers to discover this fun new way of reading, too!

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