Playing favorites…

Can I share a secret?

I have a favorite character. And it’s probably not who you think.

To date, I’ve published ten romance novels, and these stories take place in six unique “worlds.” I have even more books coming. I have loved discovering each and every character. It doesn’t matter if it’s the leads or a member of the secondary cast, following the journey to facing his or her inner demons and realizing the changing power of love is so fulfilling as an author.

But one character stuck with me.

I’ve made no secret that Holidays, Inc. is the book of my heart. It’s the project I’ve always wanted to write, and I am so grateful to The Wild Rose Press for encouraging me in the process. In fact, I’d handed in the sequel to my editor, the wonderful Leanne Morgena, and we started brainstorming a series name. I had something I loved, but Leanne thought we should save it in case I wanted to write another story.

And I thought, I have to use that title. So I had to write the book. To me, Lights, Camera, Holidays could ONLY be a redemption arc for Kara Kensington. From the outside, she’s shallow and cut-throat. In the first book, she is the catalyst for Dani’s move to New Hope and THEN steals Paul. In Jill’s book, Kara lurks as a sort of threat.

In truth? Kara is very, shockingly, human. As much as she would like to keep that information from the world, she can’t seem to get anything right. In Lights, Camera, Holidays, she returns to New Hope for the holiday season, filming the made-for-TV movie based on Dani’s purchase of the theater. She has everything at stake for her new production company, making her vulnerable. With her friendship on the rocks, she’s lonely. She’s a fish-out-of-water….so is someone else.

I hope you enjoy the story and the conclusion to the Finding New Hope trilogy.

Happy reading!

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