Holiday Romance Recommendation: A Nutcracker Christmas

What happens after the final scene of the Nutcracker ballet?

That is the question author Laurie Winter asked after each viewing of the holiday classic. Which is why she wrote a contemporary romance providing the answer.

A NUTCRACKER CHRISTMAS is set in a Christmas store located in a historic Victorian mansion and will immerse the reader in the magic of Christmas.

With a 300 hundred year old curse standing in their way, how will Aria and Kort conquer fate to get their happily ever after?

Laurie Winter is one of my favorite sweet romance authors, and I’m excited to share an excerpt from her latest release.

She sat on the sofa and placed the nutcracker by her side. “Let’s see what secrets you’re keeping.” Aria unfolded the note with care. The paper felt brittle and strange in her hand. Once upon a time, Aunt Clara told her this nutcracker had been crafted in the mid-1700s. Perhaps this note was as old.

Read out loud, the handwriting instructed through the network of time. So, she did.

A curse to serve as an example,

pride turned a beating heart to wood,

once a year, life you may sample,

change the past if you could.

Love will be denied you,

sorrow will be your friend,

until you offer your due,

and the curse comes to an end.

Weird and kind of creepy. A chill danced over her skin. After grabbing the box, she the nutcracker up the stairs leading to the third floor. She’d follow her aunt’s instructions then get to work. Today was already December first, and she hoped to have the shop ready for business in a few days in order to take advantage of the Christmas season. Then, when December twenty-sixth rolled around, she’d begin preparing for the sale of all remaining merchandise and the house.

Aria placed the nutcracker on the floor inside the large main room on the third floor and stared at the figure. It remained motionless in a stream of sunshine coming in from the window, and sparks of light drifted like sprites in the still air. A comforting warmth filled her chest.

“See you around,” she whispered before closing the door, unsure why she continued conversing with the wooden object.

As she descended the stairs, she pressed a hand to her fluttering heart. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary, yet she couldn’t shake the funny feeling something magical had been released into the air.

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