Art of the Crime #WeeklyFeaturedRead #RadishFiction

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Mistaken Identity has dangerous consequences…

Covering her flu-stricken sister’s shift, Sarah Leech helps at an after-hours jewelry exhibition at the Chicago Art Museum, hoping to network. When a handsome stranger asks her to dance, she agrees. Working around the clock to support her young son and pursue a dream, she figures one waltz gives her a fun story and potentially an important career contact.

Jewel-thief turned informant, Nicholas Thatcher is finishing surveillance before the heist that will secure his freedom. He spots his late mother’s bracelet, the same piece used to blackmail him into a decade-plus career for a crime boss. He can’t be sure of his next move with the unknown woman’s sudden appearance. Following her out of the museum, he spots two men on her heels. When the men stall a CTA train on the elevated tracks and start shooting, the night quickly derails.

Keeping her alive long enough to learn her identity becomes his top priority. When they discover a startling connection, they must work together. Can they find redemption?​

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