March-ing forward

Hello, friends!

It’s already mid-March. Wow. January was the longest month, but February flew past. I’m glad for the longer days. In northern Illinois, we still have chilly weather through the spring. But it’s always amazing how a little sunshine on an upturned face can reinvigorate a soul.

And I need it!

A family health scare at the end of February coincided with my agent submitting my cowboy book to publishers. A lot of up and down emotions over the past few weeks. I have hope that the project will find its place, and I know better than to try to predict the destination. But I’m not always comfortable on the journey. Some days, I feel downright seasick.

So, in the meantime, I’m editing the sequel and outlining a potential new project in a different direction (inspirational, romantic suspense). I have two other, separate, first drafts that need refining, and coming up at the end of April is the Spring Fling writing conference. A lot on the horizon and–with any luck–even more. (I am waiting to share about the next book in my Home to Harmony series.)

Even a tiny step forward constitutes positive momentum. Summer is coming! I’ll be ready 🙂

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