What’s in a name? Decoding Her One in a Million #amreadingromance

In my humble opinion, the hardest part of writing is coming up with the title!

Some titles are easy (my upcoming mistaken identity book revolving around authenticating an antique? How to Spot a Fake. Perfect!). But for me, most are complicated.

Summing up the book in a few words to catch a reader’s eye? Painful and difficult. Writers like to write. We like time to craft and create. Five words or less? Ouch.

The other issue is that titles can’t be copyrighted. Which means your perfect title might be splashed across a lot of other novels (including those by big name authors). How can you stand out in a crowd?

Her One in a Million refers to the discovery Sam makes in the first chapter that starts the action of the book. The tagline is: In a zero sum game, what are the odds of finding forever?

While the other books in the series utilize the word “home” in some way–including the last in the series! stay tuned–it didn’t quite fit this story. The heroine of this book has pretty much stayed in Harmony her entire life. The other heroines have returned (for different reasons and at various stages in their lives and careers) but Sam stayed put. I love her book’s place in the series and the unexpected title.

Her One in a Million is now available

Happy reading!

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