Will a wish lead to a dream come true? Find out in: Angelica’s Christmas Wish #holidayromance #anaiahpress #countdowntochristmas

When Serena Cole sees a car careening toward a little girl, she jumps in to save the child with no thought for her own safety. Later, Serena wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Everyone calls her a hero, but she doesn’t recall anything—not even her name.

Mark Harper, the child’s widowed father, isn’t looking for romance, but the beautiful stranger who saved his daughter’s life captures his interest. When no one steps up to identify her, he brings her home with him. He doesn’t realize that his decision may make his daughter’s Christmas Wish come true.

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Welcome, Carol!

Tell us how your characters celebrate the holidays

My hero, Mark, helps his daughter decorate Christmas cookies, a task that belonged to his late wife.

Does your hero have a favorite Christmas carol or movie? Does your heroine?

Silent Night is sung during a poignant moment in the story. I think that makes the song more meaningful to both my hero and heroine.

What is the theme of this book? If it’s part of a series, how does this book fit into the series?

Two strangers brought together by tragedy, both widowed and unsure if a second chance at romance is in their future.

This is the first novella in the series.

Why do you write this genre? What inspired this story?

I like to create stories where the characters have a second chance at love following the loss of a spouse. I’m a widow so I understand the grief my characters go through and the uncertainty in taking the risk of loving again.

Do you write any other genres?

I write historical romance as well as contemporary.

I also write church curriculum for children.

Any tips to share with fellow authors/aspiring authors? What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

Don’t be afraid to learn something new. I didn’t know about alternating point of views and had a difficulty with showing and not telling the story before working with my editor. If you do get a book contract, your story will likely undergo many edits. Understand that you will have your work challenged but in the end the story will be much better than you could have envisioned. Every change I made to the original story brought it one step closer to improving it.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition and/or memory?

We took our children to a candlelight service when they were young, but quickly learned that candles and small children made us nervous. It was a beautiful service though and I would like to make it part of my future.

Finally! Real Christmas tree? Or fake?

For me, fake. I have several cats and they would make a mess of a real tree. And the cleanup is easier!

Want to learn more? Check out Carol’s website www.authorcarolunderhill.com

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