Second Chances and Homecomings–what the Home to Harmony series has meant to me

When I first started writing the Home to Harmony series, I knew I wanted each book to stand on its own and compliment the others in the series. I came up with the idea of following a group of friends and a cousin and having each book happen in a different season.


Originally, I thought I’d end the series with Zoey and Noah’s story until it occurred to me–Hannah’s story is actually a full circle to the start of book 1.

Spoiler alert: in Her Hometown Dream, Amy learns she has family she has never met. Growing up in a very small community and tight-knit family, the news is shocking. When she realizes her best friend Hannah may be keeping a similar secret, Amy encourages Hannah to be truthful.

What Amy doesn’t know, however, is that Hannah has tried and can’t make amends.

Until Hannah films a TV commercial while participating in the Christmas in July launch in Book 2 and sets the stage for a reckoning…


I’m a plotter. I like to spend time working on an outline for a story so when I’m in active writing mode I always know what comes next. AND–I know this is shocking to some–if I’m working on a series, I need completed first drafts of every book before I approach a publisher. Why?


Only after I’ve written everything, can I see how the stories intersect and make each other richer.

This is where having an idea of every story is so important. What would make a TV star return when he hasn’t been home in almost a decade? Why now? A national TV campaign that shows him something shocking.

Also–the little girls.

If I had placed Hannah’s story second, I don’t know that Isla and Olivia’s friendship in book 3 would have been as important and vital to the books (to the characters, yes, but to readers? ).

Home to Harmony is a series about faith, family, and forgiveness. It’s about all kinds of second chances. It’s about coming home–even when home might mean an entirely new place.


Publishing with Anaiah Press has felt like coming home. And working with the team has been an absolute pleasure. I’m hoping to work with them on future endeavors (although–at the moment–I’m working on a cowboy trilogy! more info coming soon). Their support throughout each book has been invaluable.

I mentioned my process before–knowing how everything will work first and then publishing. This can mean I need a lot of time. My editor at Anaiah Press, Kara Leigh Miller, has been nothing but patient and encouraging. I wish for every author to have such a supportive editor.


I hope you enjoy the entire series. Happy reading!



3 thoughts on “Second Chances and Homecomings–what the Home to Harmony series has meant to me

  1. I finally started Her Hometown Dream Last week, then ignored my kids to finish Her Unlikely Homecoming yesterday and fell asleep starting Her One In a Million last night. Note I did not fall asleep because I wasn’t interested but because I stayed up well past my bedtime. I’m loving this series so much!

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