Missing Christmas? Read my latest book!

Christmas makes me feel better.

When I was a kid, I’d watch the VHS tapes of Christmas movies and specials my mom recorded on sick days. It didn’t matter the month. Christmas was always the cure.

For me, Christmas is not about presents or Santa. The season has always symbolized hope and possibilities. In the years I’ve needed it the most, my faith has been the light for me. My favorite parts of the holiday are not material. I love the time with my loved ones, the excitement about what’s coming next (which is so nice! As an adult, don’t we find ourselves dreading the unknown too much? With kids, it’s easy to remember the joy of a brand-new day.)

Her Homegrown Christmas Wish is the final book in a series about forgiveness and hope. Each book is its own complete arc but the stories are interconnected in telling a complete story about second chances. I hope you enjoy the books and find the message encouraging in this brand-new year!

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