If it hasn’t been apparent in Anchored in the Bay or Tiny Island Summer, then let me come out and say it. I’m in love with Eric. He never stood a chance with Darcy, but I think he’s more than ready for his own happy ending. Or at least a chance at one.

But what if he’s already met ‘the one,’ but doesn’t remember her?  Will she give him another shot?

I started my first draft for Eric’s story On the Rocks in February. But it’s been a busy summer with publishing Anchored in the BayTiny Island Summer being selected for Kindle Press, and working on Tidal Patterns for the #SYTYCW15 contest.

I’m finally getting back to Eric and am writing his story as we speak. I’ll keep you posted but am planning to release Eric’s story next spring (hopefully to be followed by Ryan’s in the summer).

Thanks for reading!

PSST! Did you know? Tiny Island Summer is available now on

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