I put myself in a time out


And it was glorious!

I do my best, and most, work in the summer. For some reason, I can sit down and stay up late and churn out books. Tidal Patterns was written and edited starting in July and finishing up at the beginning of this month. Writing and editing a novel in its entirety that quickly produces my best work. If I take time to stop and analyze every word as I’m typing, I’d never finish (that happened a lot in the initial drafts of both Anchored in the Bay and Tiny Island Summer which are today very different and much better). But, after the marathon is over, I’m mentally spent.

I had ideas swirling around for my next books but I needed a definite break to relax and recharge. My hubs took me away on a wonderful beach vacation where I plotted the next 2 1/2 books in the True North series but that was all I accomplished. Being a stay at home mom means my free time is precious, but it also means that if I don’t have a packed, busy day, I struggle to use my time effectively. The phrase “if you want something done, give it to a busy person” is very apt.

So, I’m back, I’ve vacuumed, done all the laundry, mopped the floors, and am officially back in #amwriting mode.

Today is also the last day to enter the #SYTYCW15 contest on Wattpad. If you are reading this and aren’t sure if you should enter or not, do it. I’m telling you, the romance community is amazing. Jump in, virtually meet some supportive authors, and let your craft develop. No matter where you finish or how you fare, you will be better for joining this group!

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