15 facts about… Ryan, Jessica, & Across the Lake

I spent last fall and the holidays busy scribbling away to finish up True North. The story ideas are coming so fast and furious and I can’t wait to share them all with you. I am editing right now, but wanted to share a 15 facts post about the final installment (coming soon!).

  1. Ryan is my first hero under six feet (which is hilarious, considering all the important men in my life are 5’10” and under).
  2. The original title for the book was Flipside. 
  3. I never had any intention of writing this sequel. I initially saw True North as a trilogy. But after taking the action away from Madeline Island in Eric’s story, I wanted to end full circle with Ryan.
  4. This book includes a dog, based on my beloved Tibetan Terrier. I initially had her as Darcy’s dog (long ago when the trilogy was actually all about Darcy). But this owner makes a lot more sense.
  5. Jessica Kent, the heroine, loves to bake but she’s a lot better about not eating the sweet treats she makes then I am.
  6. Francois (working on something for him! I hope to post more on that soon) and Jessica were roommates long before Francois ever came to Bayfield.
  7. The theme for True North is finding home and I think every character has now learned home isn’t a place but the people you’re surrounded by.
  8. Eddie is a walking (sort of talking) toddler; this book takes place after the epilogue in Anchored in the Bay.
  9. Ryan is now a landlord, he purchased an apartment building over in Bayfield after deciding to settle down to better co-parent with Ed and Emily.
  10. The guys, Ed, Eric, Ben and Ryan, have now formed a friendship of poker nights and watching sports together.
  11. But Jessica is a loner. Francois is her best friend but she’s adapted to their relationship of phone calls and videoconferences in the years he’s been in Bayfield.
  12. The layout of the apartment building Ryan buys is based on one I’ve lived in.
  13. Jessica is taking over Francois’ job for a year; she’s hoping to have the assistant he hired take the role from her in less time than that, Francois is hoping she’ll come up with so much work that the three of them will be working together full-time when he gets back
  14. Jessica hates the nickname Jess.
  15. And she was a child model for Sears.


More information on On the Rocks (True North Book 3) and Across the Lake (True North Book 4) coming soon!

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