But…I love him…

If you’ve read Anchored in the Bay, then you probably have plenty of thoughts on Ryan. When I first started to write the story, I had only one thought. I hated him.

He was in the way.

He didn’t seem to care.

He took Emily for granted.

But then, I met my editor. She asked me some hard questions about him. And then I kept writing the series and kept circling Ryan. What WAS his motivation? What was he doing now? Emily had her happily ever after…but him?

Ryan isn’t a bad guy. He was just the WRONG guy.

And after losing the girl he WAS in love with, the mother of his child. He’s changed. He’s discovered his voice, his backbone, and he’s become a man any woman would swoon over.

Stay tuned for Across the Lake, the fourth and final book in my True North series. Coming Summer 2016!


PS-Tidal Patterns, my sweet romance, is up on Kindle Scout. Come check it out here. If you nominate it and it’s selected for publication with Kindle Press, you get a free copy. 

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