Perfect timing

I don’t think I’m ever, actually, “in the mood” to write when I’m working on a first draft. Plotting and planning is exciting. I love a rogue moment of inspiration and jotting down notes on my phone. Even editing, although it takes twice as long, is more supremely satisfying and purposeful to me. It’s always the perfect time to be tidying up all the stray pieces and messy dialogue with critique partners, beta readers, and my editor.

But I’ve never found a perfect moment for writing something new.

So, everyday (or night), I find time to sit down and work. Some days, after a few minutes, my fingers fly across the keys and write a couple chapters in an hour. Others, I can barely get a paragraph done in the same time. But every day I make an effort to work on the raw material of the next project.

This past autumn, I gave myself permission to take a break and took an entire month off first draft writing. I learned what a huge mistake that was when I tried to jump back in to finish up my True North series. Getting the final first drafts finished (which, hooray! They are and I’m editing currently) was rough.

As I wrap up True North, I’m looking toward my next series. I’m in a sort of limbo, waiting to hear back on one project. I could freeze and wait to find out what is going to happen. But instead I’m going to work on a novella and develop the idea for what would be a full-fledged sequel-both accompanying my So You Think You Can Write entry, Tidal Patterns.

I hope to have good news to share soon. If you’re looking for me, I’m behind my computer screen any free moment I have editing and writing the next series.

PS-Tidal Patterns, my sweet romance, is up on Kindle Scout. Come check it out here. If you nominate it and it’s selected for publication with Kindle Press, you get a free copy. 

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