Challenge vs. comfort zone

2016 is off in a big way for me. Across the board, I’m challenging myself to learn more and get better.

I started a weekly strength training class to push myself to get stronger (and after many weeks, I’m really starting to feel it. Rebuilding my core has been a big undertaking). Getting fit has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with health. I want to be able to take care of my family to the best of my ability.

I’m challenging myself to learn even more about craft in writing, listening to podcasts, taking online courses and seminars, working with more experienced authors to really understand things like deep POV.

And I’m pushing myself to work every day.

My first job is Mom and I love my role. Writing is a passion that’s a part of me and I relish the time I get to pursue it. But my priority is my family and my time is limited. Working after everyone has gone to bed and I’ve been awake and taking care of everyone’s needs all day can be taxing. It’s important that I keep at it though because I’m seeing how small progress each day adds up in a big way.

At the moment, Tidal Patterns (Golden Shores Book 1) is ending it’s Kindle Scout campaign. (Check it out here!)On the Rocks (True North Book 3) is at the editor and I’m finishing up my edits of Across the Lake (True North Book 4) to send to my CP (then I edit again, then to my editor, edit again, then Kindle Scout). I’m excited to see all my efforts from last Fall pay off now and am planning out what I’ll be working on next (Golden Shores 2 and a novella for Golden Shores).


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