What I learned from my first Local Author Fair #readlocal #localauthors

On Saturday, January 14th, I set up books and a table at my very first event!

I will admit to being a little nervous when I was first approached about my attendance. At the RWA 16 national conference, one of the speakers talked at length about imposter complex. About feeling like ‘well, I don’t have anything to offer, I’m not who they’re looking for, they’ll realize I just kind of snuck in here and find someone better.’ With that speech in mind, I decided to ignore any doubts and I accepted. I’m so glad I did.

What happened?

I had a chance to meet and connect with other authors from my area. Everyone is so passionate about their work and encouraging. Once again, I was overwhelmed by all the good feelings from a community of authors (just like the amazing group with Kindle Press and everyone I’ve ever met at RWA).

Meeting readers interested in romance books was exciting. I love chatting and getting to know people (approach my booth at your own risk!). I loved the chance to connect with people and let the know a little bit about what I do.

And I sold a few paperback copies! I push my ebooks because, well, I love ebooks. As a reader, I download Kindle books to my device and my phone and love reading them (and then immediately purchasing the next in the series). But there really is something about holding the physical book in your hand.

Thank you to the amazing librarians at Aspen Drive Library and Cook Memorial Library for giving me the opportunity! I love my library (and have a few books in the local author collection) and appreciate all the support they offer. I look forward to future events.

(And if you’re looking for paperbacks. Check out my Amazon page here, you can order paperback copies of all my full-length work)


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