Coming soon…True North short stories

I’m delighted to share the pre-order links for two True North short stories. These fun, between the numbers, books are quick reads revisiting the characters from my contemporary romance series. And, as with the rest of the series, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read for free.

Off the Dock happens while Eric has left Madeline Island for the events of On the Rocks.  This story follows Darcy and Emily as they attempt to forge a new business together. Despite their rocky start, the pair are well to opening a gallery together, if they can get Francois’ help. Bayfield’s planner extraordinaire, however, isn’t falling into their plan so easily and when he finds love, might derail the whole enterprise.

In Another Bay, all of the characters are in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate the nuptials of Eric and Jen. If attending your ex’s wedding wasn’t awkward enough for Darcy, then Eric has doubled down with the release of his first novel, Talk of the Town. The story has too many similarities to their shared past for Darcy’s comfort. Under pressure from handling Ben’s mom’s estate, Darcy isn’t quite sure she knows if her life works on Madeline Island anymore. Or if she’d be better off somewhere else, by herself.

Available on February 14th, click here to pre-order Off the Dock

Click here to pre-order Another Bay

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