My Top Five Eats in the #GoldenIsles #JekyllIsland #StSimonsIsland



#5  Fro-yo at Fuse

Self-serve with a ton of delicious toppings. What trip to the beach is complete without a treat. This is what I remind myself when we stop there every day on vacation…

Fuse Frozen Yogurt website

#4 Breakfast at Palmer’s Village Cafe

Whatever the special is, it’s delicious. That’s just a given. Do yourself a favor and make a visit.

Palmer’s Village Cafe website

#3 Coffee at Palm Coast

This quirky little building in the Pier Village is open from morning to night. The coffeehouse/cafe transforms into a pub at night, often with live music. Their menu is delicious all day (my favorite stop for lunch) and the big porch and garden invite you to sit and stay a while.

Palm Coast Coffee website

#2 Crab cakes at Barbara Jean’s

Also in the Pier Village, Barbara Jean’s serves yummy, homestyle food everyone will love (a favorite with my kids). But you owe it to yourself to order the crab cakes. Seriously. You’re worth it.

Barbara Jean’s website

#1 Pulled Pork at Southern Soul Barbeque

A top pick of Southern Living Magazine, also appearances on the Food Network, the delicious smell of the smoker at mid-island seems to waft in every direction. Drive-by the airport with your windows rolled down and I dare you not to stop.

Southern Soul website

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