What I’m looking forward to this summer…

My kids finished school last week and start day camp in a few days. Once camp starts then summer officially begins.

And I can’t wait.

For the first (and maybe only) summer, they will be together at the same program. Dropping off my two kids in one spot? What rare treat is this? I’m used to driving all over town.


Here’s my summer schedule:

Waking up “early” for the next couple months means 7am (not 6)

Morning walks with my dog before waking the kids

Plenty of time to write during the day (!)

Taking the kids swimming after camp gets out early afternoon

Essentially, I’m excited for seven weeks of work/life balance. And then at the end of camp, we’re heading to visit family for two weeks before we get back to school and our regular schedule.

Pool time, popsicles, plenty of sunshine? Bring it on!



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