Traveling light? #RWA17


The countdown for the national conference for RWA is officially on!

Last year was my very first writer’s conference. Ever. I was so nervous I nearly talked myself out of going. But that was exactly how I knew I NEEDED to attend. I’ve never learned anything from being comfortable. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is how I started actually pursuing this crazy dream I’ve nurtured since childhood.

In San Diego, I met so many of the amazing people I’ve connected with online who have been instrumental in challenging me to change for the better. I attended workshops and learned so much valuable craft information. I networked. I came home with my passion for telling stories flaming higher than ever before.

And I vowed that whenever I get the chance to head to RWA I will take it. I’ll make the most of every second I have. I’ll let go of my insecurities and keep myself open to new ideas.


My excitement level has been climbing steadily since registering back in February. I can’t wait to learn and experience even more this year. In fact, I decided I really can’t wait…like even for my baggage.

I’m going to try what is nearly impossible for me. Traveling with a carry-on size suitcase for the trip. I have never been a light packer. I believe in being prepared (seriously, you should see the trunk of my car on a normal day). But, I think I can do this.

I will be coming home with tons of books, based on last year. My plan is to pack two foldable totes that can be used as checked bags on my return trip. We’ll see if that’s enough…

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