My Three Favorite Reads of 2017 (so far…)


I didn’t read enough last year.

I love romance novels (duh) and usually devour them pretty quickly. But I got a little swept up in my own projects last year and didn’t make time to read. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a negative. For me, it was.

Romance books inspire, encourage, humor, and engage me in a way no other source of entertainment can. I love this industry and this genre, it has given me far more then I’ll ever be able to repay.

I decided to challenge myself to read 50 books this year. It’s a very do-able (ha) goal. If you check out my Goodreads page (check it out here), you’ll see that I read a wide range from within the genre.

My favorites so far, however, have all been from the same publishing line: Harlequin Heartwarming.

Fellow Chicago-ans, you have to check out Amy Vastine’s Chicago Sisters series. Starting with The Better Man, these books pack so much heart and hope into their pages. I couldn’t stop reading. I read these three on my Kindle on vacation and was in serious withdrawal by the third day of my trip.

I’m going to cheat and count that whole series as one…

Not that it should matter. There aren’t any rules here, it’s my blog.

Under an Adirondack Sky by Karen Rock really touched me. I loved the city slickers in the country angle and was surprised by the heroine’s family (in a great way).

And another sister book, I loved To Catch a Wife by Lee Mckenzie. The bond between the heroine and her family and best friend felt so real. I was absorbed into the story and the small town setting.

Do yourself a favor and check out these books.


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