Another Bay now available for FREE

I’m tempted to ask how your summer is going. Here in the Midwest an unexpected heatwave has gripped us in July temperatures as Autumn began. I love summer, don’t get me wrong. But I’m ready for my turtlenecks and leggings and constant hot coffee.

I’ll restrain myself.

Instead, I’m delighted to share the link to an anthology available for free. Autumn Equinox features short stories (or in my case a novella) from several of the Kindle Press authors. This is the latest, and last, installment in a year-long series of anthologies, all available for free. Check it out here and download your copy today.

I’ve contributed a follow-up story to the couple featured in my Kindle Scout winning selection, Tiny Island Summer. If you’ve read my True North series, you know that I’ve sprinkled in updates about my featured characters in each story. I wrapped up everyone’s story (at least in my mind) except for Ben and Darcy.

Another Bay concludes the series by refocusing on a pair that suffers from miscommunication and misunderstanding. Can they listen to what the other isn’t saying and find their way back together? Or will Darcy be moving on from Madeline Island for good?


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