Three lessons I’ve learned from yoga


It’s never going to be “easy”

I’ve heard the old cliche of life being about the journey and not the destination too often to count. You probably have to. Still, when I started practicing yoga back in the fall of 2016, I did focus on the end. In the months (almost year) since starting a regular practice (at least 2x a week) I’ve changed. I’m still a goal oriented person, still driven by my dreams and encouraged at each stop on my journey. But I’m more interested in appreciating where I am and how I’ve grown then by trying to meet my admittedly impossible standards.

Be mindful

Listening to the instructions of the teacher forces me to get out of my own head. Instead of thinking “I can’t I don’t I won’t,” I focus on the instructors words and follow along. I know this sounds simple. As a writer, I spend A LOT of time lost in my thoughts. And as much as I’m a positive person, negative thoughts can enter and cloud my outlook. By really focusing on the voice guiding me, I’m more aware of my abilities than my weaknesses. I’ve carried this over into my regular life too. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, I appreciate what is going right.

My practice is unique to me

Comparison is the killer of joy. Looking at someone else and comparing your life and choices to theirs is the surest way to kill your own spark. I know this. We all know this. And yet still, we judge, we compare. I’ve made a lot of progress on my journey. My flexibility and strength has definitely increased. But not in ways that are necessarily equal to those of someone on the same path. And that’s okay.

That’s a lesson I’ve been working hard to learn and understand. I think I’ve taken every step that I’ve needed to in my life. There are times I’m impatient to hurry ahead. Moments I want to end quickly. Experiences I’d rather not have had.

But in the end, I’ve NEEDED everything that has come my way. It’s so easy to look at another author and compare their career to my own. I’ve come to appreciate what I didn’t know I needed to know. I think every step has led me to the point where I should be.

And I hope to keep learning and growing as a yogi, an author, and a person.


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