Best bets for instant Holiday feels



Yes, it’s still early November. I have a confession (which is probably not terribly surprising if you follow me on Twitter). I’m one of those put up the decorations and turn on the holiday music at midnight on Halloween people. I love Christmas!

I love the excitement, the family time, and all the special traditions. In my house, a compromise was reached and I don’t set up the outdoor displays or cut down the tree until after Thanksgiving. BUT, I do get an early start on the cheer with my four-part attack.


I begin operation good-cheer with an aerial assault. Pine scented candle warmers, room spray, and plug-ins take over every room. I also love pine scented hand soap for a quick burst of freshly chopped Christmas tree (before I can bring said tree home).


I start listening to Holiday music the day after Halloween. My very favorites are holiday classics by Dean Martin and The Carpenters. I also love instrumental tracks (takes my husband a couple minutes to realize what he’s humming, and then he shoots me “the look”)


Holiday movies! (yes, with an exclamation point). My very favorites are Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and Elf. My kids love the Prep & Landing series. And if one of these isn’t playing, the tv will be set to the Hallmark Channel.


Ok, I’m stretching to come up with a fourth S, bear with me. Sighs are for all the feel-good romance books set during the holidays. Hallmark recently introduced a publishing line and since October, they’ve been producing novels inspired by their original movies. If you love the heartwarming stories you see on the Hallmark Channel, you have to check out the companion novels. Next year, Hallmark Publishing will start releasing original novels (without movie tie-ins).

If you’ve read this far, you should not be surprised at all to learn that I’ve written a Christmas set romance in my sweet contemporary series.  What’s more romantic than the holidays? How about mistletoe at the beach?

Check out Surface Currents (Golden Shores Book 3) 

Available on Kobo/Amazon/iBooks/Barnes & Noble*

*Disclosure: affiliate links used

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