Serafina, a Royals of Monterra story



Check out this happily ever after! A sweet romance about a first kiss for readers who enjoy fairy tale reading the likes of: Narnia, Alice In Wonderland, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The youngest princess in all of Monterra brashly attempts an innocent kiss with her lifelong friend, Nicholas. Unfortunately, it turns into one of the worst experiences of her life. Nicholas rejects her advance and then tells all of her friends what happened. Enraged, Serafina takes out her anger on an innocent young man which causes him to get in big trouble for something he didn’t do. Serafina’s conscience makes her feel guilty. She can’t believe how the world has suddenly turned so completely upside down. Somehow the princess must figure out how to make things right and help out the boy who the guards are searching for because of her immaturity. Determined to undo her folly, she accidentally stumbles into a magical world that looks much like the garden room she explored as a young child.

Take a mythical adventure through strange lands filled with fairies and ogres as her first life merges into the world she has just discovered. Serafina must learn from her mistakes or become trapped in this foreign land forever. It’s difficult to grow up but well worth the adventure. If Princess Serafina gets it right this time, she may truly right her wrongs and find out if she is truly worthy of the prize she covets most . . . , a first kiss.

Serafina will remind you of the anxieties, awkwardness, and excitement of young love in this romantic fairy tale by Vincent Robert Annunziato.

Welcome, Vincent!

What inspired your story?

The look and feel of Wizard of Oz has always interested me. Serafina is an homage to that typology. The story itself really speaks to first love and the awkwardness of it.

If you traveled to Monterra, how would you meet the Royal family?

I’m one heck of a klutz. I don’t know that I would fare well and although I might imagine myself a James Bond, those who know me, know I’ve never been that smooth. Lol

About the author:

Attention Cross-Genre fans: stay tuned. Since I came from the movie industry originally, fans may be interested to know, I imagine my books from a cinematic perspective. This usually makes my writing less focused on description and more plot oriented. I also like to slowly reveal the narrative so that readers are drawn in further and further as they go along—kind of like the old mystery novels.

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