Forgotten Princess, a Royals of Monterra story

Forgotten Princess


Aria would have been a princess if her family hadn’t lost the monarchy. Since the House of Savoy was forced to flee she’s been roaming Europe with a band of gypsies, only stopping to spend cold winters behind the safe walls of Monterra. Aria has embraced the nomadic life, discovered freedom in travel; she’s finally found her niche in the world. Until Prince Dominic crosses her path. The handsome prince encompasses everything Aria lost, everything she’s been hiding from. She knows better than to get involved, princes don’t date gypsy girls with secrets like hers.

When Prince Dominic finally makes his move, will Aria leave her insecurities in the past or will she run with the gypsies?


A warm welcome to M.R. Pritchard, thanks for stopping by the blog today!

What inspired your story?

Sariah’s “Royals of Monterra” series, of course!

If you traveled to Monterra, how would you meet the Royal family?

If I could choose, maybe in a garden with tea or sipping hot cocoa on the slopes.

Do you have any tips on how to make a prince fall in love with a commoner?

Hmmm. Well, I can’t say I’ve ever known any princes so I’ll give the same tips for regular people. Be yourself and be kind, this will draw goodness to you.

You’ve written several stories set in Monterra, what keeps you coming back to this world?

I just love the Monterra world that Sariah has created and the history that she has created with King Dominic and Aria. I keep coming back to fill in more of the intricate details of their sweet romance before they took the throne.

Check out M.R. Pritchard’s second Royals of Monterra story: The Royals of Monterra: Treasured Princess (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Forgotten Princess Book 2)

After missing from Aria’s life for six weeks, Prince Dominic tracked her to a beach in Istanbul and promised her everything. But once Aria stepped foot on that speedboat she recognized Prince Dominic wasn’t the same boy she left behind in Monterra.

About the author:

M. R. Pritchard now lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida! She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing. She enjoys long walks on the beach and never seeing another snowflake again in her life.

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