How I fared in 2018 #amwriting

At the beginning of 2018, I started keeping track of the words I write each day. One big takeaway from the project is how easy it is to write when you make it a habit. But during the weeks (and eek! months) my schedule was off-track, I had a difficult time getting back to writing.

I’ve spent much of this year editing. My 2018 goal was to finish projects. I had many first drafts with no direction of how to sell/where to position the final novels. When you don’t determine exactly how to fit something into your brand, you give yourself an out to not do the hard work. Editing is the hard work but oh so worth the finished result.

I’m excited to say in 2018, I:

  • edited and published a book with The Wild Rose Press (A Perfect Picture of Us)
  • wrote/self-edited/signed a contract on a novella with The Wild Rose Press (#projecthijinxensue)
  • determined how to position and restructure a story I can’t quit (#projectfaux)
  • outlined a new story to write in 2019 (#projectmagicchicken)
  • self-edited/submitted the book of my heart (#projectshowbiz)
  • and wrote two sequels

For 2018, I wrote over 200,000 words.

I’m excited to dive into the New Year and keep charging ahead. Thank you for following my journey to publication. I hope to bring you better and better stories each year!


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