My kind of town


A Perfect Picture of Us is set in my adopted hometown, Chicago. Most people expect a sweet romance story to take place in a small town. I love big cities and building a tight-knit community of supporting characters can happen no matter the locale.

A few of my favorite places were featured in the book and I thought I’d link to them here so you can visit virtually.

Millennium Park  Recognizable for the Cloud Gate sculpture, known as the Bean.  In the winter, an ice rink is erected and in the summer it’s a beautiful spot to listen to concerts in the pavilion.

The Mag Mile  It’s the number one tourist destination, but that’s part of the charm. During the holiday season, the trees are strung with lights and the windows of the stores are beautifully decorated. The ballroom scene was inspired by one of the elegant hotels off Michigan Avenue. The entire area is gorgeous and definitely worth a visit.

State Street  And one department store in particular. Jess and Leo meet for breakfast in the Walnut Room. The restaurant is a real treat at Christmas and Easter. It’s a lovely spot for a special occasion meal.


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