In the trenches

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This month has been a blur of winter weather headaches. Days off school for cold, snow, holidays, and teacher institute days have thrown me for a loop. In typical fashion, I bought a bunch of Valentine’s Day “things” (cards, candy, table decor) at the end of January and then forgot all about the holiday until this week. Luckily, I got it all together in time (including Tuesday, sitting down my kids to write out cards to their classmates before swim lessons) and tonight after a dentist appointment (nothing says romance like clean teeth) we’ll order a heart-shaped pizza and snuggle on the couch with a movie.

If you can’t tell, as much as I love love (hello romance author), I love being with my family. Family is a recurring theme in my books. I’m blessed to have been born into wonderful support system and fell in love with an amazing man and together we created our own family. In my books, I explore the concept of family and how it can be created through our choices, good or bad.

I’m currently editing a project to submit before the end of the month (the deadline is the 28th). It’s a story that has gone through a major evolution. From the second in a trilogy (that, to be honest, didn’t fit my sweet style) to a standalone (but of course, now I’ve come up with ideas for a sequel), this is a story I can’t shove in a drawer. I have to finish and publish. Family is again at the heart of the story alongside the romance.

For consideration as a submission, I am aiming to add about 15k. I write lean first drafts and always realize I’m missing scenes. Currently, I’m deepening the emotion and settings and the theme of family is popping up again and again.

Do you have any recurring themes? What’s your core story?

Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day and a reminder, we are half-way through February!!! Good news indeed that spring (and a thaw) is inching closer.

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