I write my own $&@“(:! Books

If you’re not aware of the #CopyPasteCris Twitter threads…

A romance author seems to have been mixed up in a convoluted plagiarism and ghost writing scheme. A reader discovered the theft and since other authors have found their words stolen and repurposed.

The whole thing is shocking. As a fellow Kindle Scout winner, I thought the writer was publishing her own words. The betrayal runs deep. I have questions all starting with why? I want answers that I don’t think will ever come.

This is beyond awful. Real romance authors write from their hearts. Our stories are emotional because we put everything on the page. We relive pain and fight through fear to try and craft a story that will resonate with someone who needs it.

I write my own books. I aim to make my stories as effective at delivering the core story as possible. My novels aren’t perfect. If I didn’t have deadlines, I would never finish any. I work hard to improve every story and the fact someone thinks they can lie, cheat, and steal in the most encouraging and supportive genre in a tough industry pisses me off.

I write my own books.

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