Waiting for permission

Happy March!

I am so excited to inch closer to spring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still winter here but I have a trip to the beach in my near future and I can’t wait for the sunshine.

I was thinking about something again the other day and wanted to share a positive shift I made in my life.

I stopped waiting for permission.

Maybe this is a side-effect of being a ‘good girl,’ along with the constant apologizing (even when it’s not my fault), always smiling, and seeking to never cause a scene. Shortly after bringing my youngest home from the hospital, I realized even though I was the mom and the ultimate authority for my children, I was still waiting for permission from someone else. Instead of scheduling time to write when I had help caring for young children, I stalled until someone told me it was okay to take an hour alone.

Even now with my children in school full-time, I’ll sometimes catch myself hesitating before taking on a new project.

I used to think I was just a procrastinator, but that doesn’t fit. If I have a task, I set deadlines and draft a plan and attack. I don’t believe in either putting off a job OR excuses. If something is important, it’ll be a priority and I’ll make it happen. Since identifying the major hang-up, I combat it much quicker.

I have permission to work hard and reach my goals. I have permission to succeed. I have permission to get back to work and finish editing the piles of first drafts on my desk (wink).

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