How I fared in the first three months of 2019

Good morning!

I started keeping track of the words written every day in 2018. It’s illuminating to see how much (or how little) I’ve been able to craft at any moment.

In January, February, and March, however, I had a hard time keeping track of daily wordcounts, because I was mostly not creating something brand new.

The bulk of my time has been devoted to edits. For me, I end up writing as many words as I wipe out of a draft, kind of equalling a zero sum for the day. It’s a bit hard to keep track of (doesn’t help that a lot of times, I’m writing edits long-hand, so when I go back to type them in, I forget what day I worked on which particular scene).

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself and my process and I’m coming to slowly accept: I need time with each story. Time to outline and write the first draft. Time to take a break and let my mind work on something else. Time to come back and really clarify and refine the story hiding underneath all the “telling” in the book.

If I didn’t impose deadlines on myself, I would never finish anything. The longer I write, the more I appreciate how much I still have to learn and grow as an author/person. I would let books linger half-finished forever. This year, I’m taking all the 2019 first drafts and FINISHING them. Submitting, publishing, getting them done. (And of course, I can’t help but chase after plot bunnies and start new first drafts. Writing begets writing.)

My new project with The Wild Rose Press is in the back and forth process with my editor. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with her again. She is helping me develop my story into a clearer vision of the jumble of words I jot down on the page.

Instead of a word count total, here’s what I accomplished:

Finished the first draft of a new sweet romance (#projectmagicchicken)

Edited and submitted #projectfaux to an agent (requested during #KissPitch)

Edited #projecthijinxensue with The Wild Rose Press

Developed a plan for the projects I have in first draft form

Submitted the first chapter and synopsis of another project (no code name yet) to the Love Inspired Great Author Search

Brainstormed a sequel to #projectfaux

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