Behind the scenes of Love Overboard

Flying life preserver for first help

I’ve grown fond of using hashtags and codenames on Twitter and Instagram for my works in progress. Today, I’m sharing a glimpse behind the writing on #projecthijinksensue AKA Love Overboard.

During the editing process of A Perfect Picture Of Us, I started writing a sequel but kept getting stuck. Working with my amazing editor at The Wild Rose Press, I learned how to strengthen my story-telling. I was in so deep in the first novel, I couldn’t see the story of the second.

At the same time, I learned some devastating health news to a beloved family member. The sequel to A Perfect Picture Of Us became a very dark and sad book. I needed an escape.

I decided to write something fun just for me. I had no restrictions on the length and no expectations of what to do with it when finished. The freedom unblocked me creatively. Last November, I signed the contract for Love Overboard.

The book is shorter and set on a seven-night Alaskan cruise (aka my dream vacation). Caitlyn Moore saved for years to afford the trip, but when she reaches her cabin, she’s greeted by her ex-fiance. In a moment of misunderstanding, she fakes amnesia to stay on the ship. And…hijinks ensue.

I hope the story is a fun “trip” for you, too!

Happy reading!

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