Cruising like it’s 1989


I love old travel videos. When I was a child, my Mom would order the free pamphlets and–if available–videos of our destinations for family vacations. I would watch the VHS tapes constantly in the weeks leading up to a trip. Often, I would spend a sick day rewatching the videos (and reliving the trips made me feel better).

During the making of Love Overboard, I found a bunch of old-school Alaskan Cruise videos at the library and on Amazon Prime.

My kids love watching these analogs to digital conversion movies with me, especially “Great Cruises.” The movie was filmed in the late 80s (before the Exxon Valdez spill) and I’ve been experiencing a lot of nostalgia while writing and editing.

Some links for your viewing pleasure:

Great Cruises-The Spirit in Alaska

The Great Alaska Cruise

(This isn’t cruise specific, but a spectacular aerial video) Over Alaska



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