Thank you! + More Reviews + Final days to enter Giveaway #LovOverPrism

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Wow! Launching Love Overboard has been the best whirlwind. Thank you to everyone for following along on my book tour. As the tour winds down, there are only a few more days to enter the giveaway for the Amazon gift card. Click here for more information, ends March 11th.

Thank you for the wonderful reviews. I’m including a few more from the tour. I appreciate each and every reader, please review the book if you get a chance.

From N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

The three main characters don’t create a love triangle but instead, help each other move forward in their lives. The plot has its fair share of conflicts but it is well-crafted and the author uses them to challenge the characters. Another triumph for this book is the emotional turmoil Caitlyn and Greg go through. Told in alternating POV, the reader connects with them and feels a part of their story. The ending gave my heart all the feels. Such a sweet romance and one I highly recommend!

From Janice’s Book Reviews

The story starts with Caitlyn’s cell phone falling in the water. We all know how hard it is without a phone. Other adventures at sea continue from there. The book was fun to read.

From Rockin’ Book Reviews

What a wonderful romance! The story gives us hope with the many situations we encounter in life. Overcoming obstacles and coming out a better person in the end is a fun journey to follow.
The characters are all well-developed and it is easy to feel their emotions.
The cover and title of the book are a perfect fit for the story.
The story flows well from chapter to chapter and is easy to follow along.
I highly recommend this uplifting romance story to everyone.
I give this book a literary rating of 5/5

written by vickie

From Splashes of Joy

Love Overboard is a really nice short and sweet romance read. …all in all it is a great romance to read. I encourage you to check this  book out for a few hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

From Paranormal Romance Guild

What happens on this cruise between Caitlyn, Greg, and Adam is not something I will reveal but I will say that this was a beautiful story and a life changing cruise.

From Bookworm Lisa

This book has many moments that made me chuckle.  Caitlyn is either one of the klutziest people or luckiest.  Her misfortune brings her into the radar of Gregory.  There is some serious chemistry between the two of them.

This is a wonderful escape book to read.  I loved “going” on an Alaskan Cruise with them.  I hope to be able to see some of the places described in the book.  I could picture them in my mind.  I love it when a book helps me envision the characters and setting.


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