Sparks at First Sight


Lately, I’ve been having a fun time exploring new characters and settings with each book (aka writing standalone stories and not interconnected series books). From Chicago (A Perfect Picture of Us) to a dream Alaskan Cruise (Love Overboard), I love telling stories about finding romance when and where it’s least expected.

But, I did realize one common theme throughout my stories (including my current works in progress): an instant connection when the hero and heroine first meet.

I don’t think of this as love at first sight. When my characters are introduced (or re-introduced), they are in a heightened situation. And then they lock eyes on each other, and they share a moment of understanding. A spark. But it’s not necessarily instant passion. They have a flash of deep insight that if they let the other person in, they will be forever changed. And then the characters push back! Because personal growth is hard and demanding long before it’s rewarding.

I keep including this moment because it mirrors my real life. When I first met my husband, I was overwhelmed by a sudden, sharp sense of knowing we were meant to find each other. In a second, I thought we were exactly what the other needed (I was correct). When I held both of my sons in my arms after their births, that was the moment of love at first sight (and totally overwhelming).

How do you feel about an instant connection with another person? Do you believe in it? Is this a trope you’re not a big fan of? Have you ever experienced a spark at first sight?



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