Sights and Settings

Did you know I’m on Pinterest?

If you’re curious about the inspirations for my novels, check it out here. I use the site to visually bookmark the settings, research, and sights. When I get a release day for my books, I make the boards public on my page.

For Holidays, Inc., I’ve included the website for a musical theater I enjoy in the northern suburbs of Chicago. At this theater two Christmases ago, I watched the stage production of Holiday Inn. I’ve mentioned before being inspired by the movie’s premise of turning a farm into a theater in an out of the way location. The movie is problematic and includes representation that is so wrong and unnecessary that the film is not often available. In my writing, I wanted to update and fix the issues. I was editing the book when I bought tickets to see the stage production. The changes made from movie to theater really warmed my heart.

Also included is a link to a newspaper article. In a twist of life imitating art (sort of), a two-screen cinema in one of the small-towns turned Chicago suburb, is up for sale. I might have an idea for interested buyers in how to transform the property.

Only a little over a month until release day!

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