Where I’m at…

I’m not alone in struggling through this year. Before January even started, 2020 was off to a rocky start with upheaval in the romance writing community. By the end of February, I suffered a huge personal loss. And then came March and the whole world shutting down without any plan for re-starting.

It’s easy and tempting to throw away the calendar and hibernate.

But being a responsible adult and parent means I won’t give up no matter how hard. Figuring things out, adapting, and staying positive is fundamental to raising children. And if you start to reorganize and reprioritize, you can find time and space for the things that matter (even if it’s all a bit different).

Everyone is still home all the time. My husband has worked from home for a long time (that we’re used to). Both kids are still in virtual schooling (with sort of plans to get back but I’m not counting on it) and I’m writing and editing regardless of the constant commotion.

Next week, I’ll publish my second book of the year! I’ve signed three contracts so far, have four projects on submission (cross your fingers), and am gearing up for NaNoWriMo (but giving myself the grace of NaNoWriMoS–November and December). I’ve written over 200,000 words. I’ve pushed through difficult times and have returned to joy in the work. Finding patience has been my biggest lesson this year.

If you’re a writer and are stressed and struggling with goals, I encourage you to give yourself a break from comparing your output to others. But, also understand that if you wait until your situation is “perfect” you’ll never write. Just start now. You’ve got two months to make something out of this crazy year. I think you can do it.

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