I can’t believe it’s the fourth quarter of 2021.

I *think* I’m all caught up on everything that was supposed to happen last year and got pushed to this year. For me, trying to cram so much of 2020 into 2021 has made the time speed past.

During 2020, I took solace from the pandemic in my writing. For the first time in a long time, I wrote a series, Finding New Hope. Escaping the real world for my fictional small town provided me with so much comfort. The final book is now available.

Lights, Cameras, Holidays is the redemption story you didn’t know you wanted. Following Kara Kensington as she films a made-for-TV movie in town it features my favorite story tropes: fake relationship AND snowed in! The book is a lot of fun.

After I finished my trilogy, I turned toward creating a new cast of characters in a brand new, fictional small town. Harmony, Illinois takes inspiration from some of my favorite Midwest towns. I’m delighted to introduce you to the caring, tight knit community. Friends are family in these books, and the theme of forgiveness resonates through each story.

The first book, Her Hometown Dream, follows Amy Parker. Her passion for history was sparked by the Queen Anne style mansion in town. It’s finally listed for sale, but she’s rejected out of hand. When secrets are revealed, her faith is tested. Will she chose love or anger?

This book marks my first Christian romance with Anaiah Press. I’m thrilled to be working with an amazing team (shout out to my editor, Kara Lee Miller). I can’t wait for you to read these books!

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