2021 By the Numbers

  • 3 novels released

The New Hope trilogy is complete and published. If you’ve been waiting to start until all the books are released, now is the perfect time! I’m starting a new series–my first Christian romance–with Anaiah Press. If you love my tight-knit, fictional small towns, you’ll want to check out Her Hometown Dream. This series will be four books total (all are contracted) and each takes place in a different season in one year. Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter.

  • 3 serials released

I tested a new format with a new sub-genre. One of the serials, Royal Collection, is an adapted, re-release. The other two are romantic suspense but still the low-heat level you expect from my books. Set in Chicago in the winter, the stories follow two sisters on two very dramatic nights/days in the city.

  • 246,963 words written

This number actually blows me away. I usually write about 200,000 words a year. But this year, after signing with my agent, I found inspiration to take an idea I’d been toying with–write a Western romance–and developed it into a three-book (at the moment) series. I’m plotting the third book at the moment and the first is with my agent to be reviewed/edited before we start querying. I’m so excited about where my career can go from here.

2021 continued to reinforce the saying don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today. I’m heading into 2022 cautiously optimistic about the future and overwhelming grateful for every day.

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