Her Hometown Dream #TeaserTuesday

Amy drove her four-door sedan to the crest of the highest hill in Harmony. Founded during the bustling steamboat era of the nineteenth century, the town overlooked the Mississippi River. At the top of the tallest peak, the most prominent man in town, a riverboat captain, had built a grand house with a clear view of the town and the river below. Amy slowed the car as she neared the nineteenth-century Queen Anne mansion rising over its nearest neighbors by a story. Faded paint and missing shingles on the three-story building inspired every scary story in town. For Amy, the soaring turret, dormer windows, and covered porch sparked her imagination about the earliest days in the town history and the connection to her own.
Parking at the curb, she pulled the keys from the ignition and hopped out of the car. She crossed the cracked sidewalk and stood in front of the rusted wrought-iron gate. Her imagination supplied the soundtrack for the squeaky hinges. In high school, she had dared to push the supposedly locked entrance. When the gate swung inward at an odd angle, she’d quickly pulled the wrought-iron gate into its original position. Under the universal rule of break it and buy it, she hadn’t had the capital to pay for a repair or the property. Now I do.
Through the overgrown shrubs, she spied the dental trim under the eaves. Every inch of the property needed love, and she had plenty to spare. Folding her arms over her chest, she breathed deep. The overgrown lilacs released a frothy, delicate scent in the warm spring evening. She loved that smell. No matter how many perfumes or room sprays she purchased, she never found anything close to replicating the light but pervasive scent surrounding the mansion. She was home, where she was meant to be.

Her Hometown Dream is now available online from most major retailers.

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